What is CarnaVita
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We Beam Your Personal Trainer, Nutritionist & Life Coach to you Every DayBuilding a Stronger, Fitter and Healthier YOU

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Nutrition Program

Your dedicated nutritionist delivers a daily tailored menu and complete nutrition plan.

Fitness Program

Your dedicated personal trainer structures daily workouts and a fitness regime just for you.

Lifestyle choices

Your virtual life coach provides daily reminders to make healthy lifestyle - and lifesaving - choices.


Support Network

Community is key to lasting fitness success. At CarnaVita™ your support network includes a multitude of people just like you dedicated to reaching the next level of personal wellness. Inspire each other and let your own success serve as an example to millions.

We Change Lives - HOW?

Your biometric data and history place you on our Universal WellnessMap™...
Match with world-class personal trainers and nutritionists specializing in YOU...
Your Personal Trainer and Nutritionist provide DAILY exercise and nutrition plans that evolve with your fitness level...
Earn points towards graduating to the next wellness level...
We do a lot of other cool stuff...
You get Healthier, Happier, Stronger and Sexier...
Get started and gain access to your dedicated personal trainer and nutritionist today...
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