About us

Our Mission is to get you healthier - Permanently!

Personal trainers, nutritionists & life coaches cost thousands of dollars every month.

At CarnaVita® you select your own dedicated living, breathing personal trainer and nutritionist. They work with you EVERY DAY at a fraction of the real world cost.



We ask you questions that you answer candidly. We use this information to determine where you place on our WellnessMap®. We then match you with personal trainers and nutritionists who specialize most closely in helping people just like you.

You then select the Trainer and Nutritionist that you like!


What is CarnaVita®?

Eat.Sweat.Live® – Everyday

Good nutrition, regular exercise, and healthy lifestyle choices is the key to a healthier life. That's our "EAT.SWEAT.LIVE®"

Daily workouts, nutrition plans, shopping lists, healthy menus and lifestyle goals are delivered to your desktop or mobile device through an intuitive platform every day. We give you the tools and the push to advance to a higher state of wellness.



We give you the tools to monitor your body's progress as you move towards a stronger, healthier and fitter you. View your progress at any time on your personal 'BodyDash™' page.



CarnaVita® is a community of people just like you who share the goal of achieving a healthier, fitter and happier life. Community spirit and an extensive support network are keys to long-term fitness success. That's why we let you share advice and encouragement directly with your peers.



We place you on our WellnessMap™ at a Level reflecting your current state of fitness. You select your personal trainer and nutritionist that specialize in your age, sex, body type, nutrition preferences and personal interests.

BodySnap Timeline™

Your 'Body-snap Timeline™' lets you appreciate just how much you have achieved over time. Witness your body change on your BodySnap Timeline™. Sharing success breeds more success. Seeing your fellow members change for the better is inspiring, and a little competition never hurt!


Graduation Levels


CarnaVita® brings a new game to your life, the most important game you will ever PLAY. We emphasize the word "play" because fitness should be fun. Earn points as you advance through Levels of increasing fitness.

You earn points for:
  • Completing your daily workout
  • Following your daily nutrition plan
  • Making the right lifestyle choices

There is much more to this positive life-changing community. But rather than reading about it, come on in and live it!

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