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Our Shared Mission
Our Mission is to get you healthier - permanently!

The value proposition offered by CarnaVita is tremendous.

Personal trainers, nutritionists and life coaches can cost thousands of dollars every month. At CarnaVita you select your own dedicated living, breathing personal trainer and nutritionist. These individuals work with you EVERY DAY at a fraction of their real world cost. And these are not just any personal trainers and nutritionists – they are the proven best, the rock stars of the fitness world, selected with the greatest care and deliberation. CarnaVita makes it easy for you to dedicate yourself to achieving and maintaining a higher state of fitness by steadily and permanently changing your lifestyle.

Key to achieving this permanent change is your virtual life coach. Powered by the best thinking of the leading minds in healthy living, your virtual life coach will guide you toward gradually adopting better permanent lifestyle habits. You will be able to finally eliminate those unhealthy practices – smoking, watching too much TV, not sleeping enough, failing to drink enough water - picking up over a lifetime.

Here is how it works, in a nutshell.

You provide us with biometric and lifestyle information – that is, we ask you a bunch of questions that you answer candidly. We use this information to determine where you place on our WellnessMap® relative to all people. We then match you with some of the many personal trainers and nutritionists at CarnaVita® – the ones who specialize most closely in helping people just like you. You then select the Trainer and Nutritionist that seem like the best fit to you.

The experts you selected then design a comprehensive lifestyle plan tailored specifically to you. CarnaVita® delivers this content and reminds you every day to complete your assigned tasks and make specific healthy choices. When you make the right decisions we give you points, which you can brag about to other members of your CarnaVita® community and redeem for cool stuff.

It’s like a game – always moving toward the next Level!

When you achieve milestones we graduate you to a more rigorous plan, or Level. All along we steadily push you toward a healthier, more active lifestyle. Before you know it, you will be fitter, stronger and more energetic. You will wonder where the old you went.

OH! And did we mention we give you your very own dedicated personal trainer and nutritionist at a fraction of the real world cost?

What is Carnavita?

CarnaVita is a one-stop lifestyle platform that delivers access to world-class personal trainers and nutritionists. There is no escape once you step into the CarnaVita world. Our content delivery platform is mobile, reaching you wherever you are at home, at work, or on the road with daily exercise and nutrition plans that include rich video interaction with your advisors. We use sophisticated means to determine that you are actually doing what you report and remind you every day to complete your daily wellness tasks and habit drills.

You are not alone. CarnaVita supports multimedia interaction with other CarnaVita members. Form your own circles, which may include friends, family members, coworkers or perfect strangers who share an interest or fitness goal. However you choose to interact, CarnaVita is a community of peers supporting our shared goal of living a healthier life.

Many groups make it a game to see who can earn the most points and prizes and advance together to ever-higher levels of fitness.

Eat. Sweat.Live - Everyday

Based on information you provide, our team of exercise and nutrition professionals designs a plan that is right for you. The plan is comprised of three elements: good nutrition, regular exercise, and healthy lifestyle choices. That's our "EAT.SWEAT.LIVE".

You select your own personal trainer, nutritionist, and lifestyle coach at a fraction of the real-world cost. Daily workouts, nutrition plans, shopping lists, healthy menus and lifestyle goals are delivered to you in an intuitive interactive platform. Every day we give you the tools and the push to advance to a higher state of wellness.

Body Dash

With CarnaVita you set the tools to monitor your body's progress as you move towards a stronger, healthier and fitter you. View your progress at any time on your personal 'BodyDash' page. Each week we provide a comprehensive report on your progress and prompt you to rate your own performance. These tools empower you to make informed health decisions while allowing your team to advance you to more challenging workouts at a safe and optimum pace.

Wellness Map

When you join us, our crack team of dedicated trainers and nutritionists evaluate your current fitness level using data you provide us. We place you on our WellnessMap® at a Level reflecting your current state of fitness. You select your personal trainer and nutritionist from among those members of our extensive team that specialize in your age, sex, body type, nutrition preferences and personal interests.


CarnaVita is a community of people just like you who share the goal of achieving a healthier, fitter and happier life. We also know that a community spirit and extensive support network are keys to long-term fitness success. That's why we offer extensive communications tools that let you share advice and encouragement directly with your peers.

Body Snap Timeline

We require that you periodically post pictures to your own private timeline (your trainers need to see the results of their efforts). But it's your choice whether you share your images with the other CarnaVita members who have become your cheerleaders.

Your 'Body-snap Timeline' lets you appreciate just how much you have achieved over time. We also believe that sharing your images of success breeds more success. Seeing your fellow members change for the better is inspiring, and a little competition never hurt.

Graduation Levels

CarnaVita® brings a new game to your life, the most important game you will ever PLAY. We emphasize the word "play" creating a "better you" fun.

Earn points redeemable for cool rewards as you advance through Levels of increasing fitness.

Earn redeemable points for many things, including:
- Completing your daily workout;
- Following your daily nutrition plan; and
- Making the right lifestyle choices.

There is much more to this positive life-changing community. But rather than reading about it, come on in and live it!

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