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New Wellness Solution Proving Disruptive to Corporate Wellness Industry Posted on: 01 July, 2018

CarnaVita.com, a revolutionary new corporate wellness solution, launched this year and is already proving disruptive to the Corporate Wellness Sector.

CarnaVita, through its web and app-based platforms, gives all employees their own dedicated personal trainer, nutritionist and digital lifestyle manager. It delivers individualized plans, specific to each employee's needs, to employees daily. These plans, hosted on the employee's own EAT.SWEAT.LIVE® page, covering nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle.

Every employee receives daily video workouts, meal plans and lifestyle prompts and is rewarded with points for completing tasks. Employers can incentivize employees through the points-based system.

The California-based company boasts employee engagement rates far above industry norms at 48%. Part of this success is realized by wrapping the content delivery plans in a social network that gamifies the process. Members can create teams and compete within their company or against employees of other companies.

Leonardo Silva, CEO of CarnaVita, said: "Sophisticated wellness solutions have previously been the reserve of higher paid corporate tier employees. The economics of providing comprehensive wellness solutions to companies with a large and varied workforce, at a lower wage, have been inefficient or at least considered to be so by employers. CarnaVita being fully scalable and automated is able to provide the same gold-plated corporate wellness solution to all employees of any company at a fraction of the cost."

The corporate wellness market generates revenue of $7.5 billion annually in the United States, as more businesses realize the benefits of a robust corporate wellness solution in combating crippling health care costs. CarnaVita aims to extend this market to reach a broader pool of potential client companies.

Leonardo Silva continues: "In founding CarnaVita we had one goal in mind; to be able to provide everyone regardless of their socio-economic position with their own personal trainer and nutritionist who specialize in them. We have realized that goal and now employees and general consumers are able to have a personal trainer and nutritionist at a fraction of the real-world cost."

CarnaVita is available to consumers and corporations.

CarnaVita has been proven to reduce absenteeism and sick leave while also reducing retention costs and health care and workers comp claims.

CarnaVita can be reached at www.carnavita.com.  The app is available through Apple and Google Play.

For more information contact: press@carnavita.com

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