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ARE YOU EXPERIENCING STRESS? Posted on: 21 February, 2019

Nature's Algorithm

The Magic of Music

At the frontier of a blossoming realm of research for humanity, the concepts of sound and color as measurable aspects of unified energy and their impacts on our health come into better and better focus.

For those familiar with the concept of listening to music or gazing at art to feel better, let's take look at what makes up each. Art, i.e. paintings, are stylistically assorted colors. Music is made up of stylistically combined notes. 

Colors and notes are both organized in groups of seven. They are both arranged along the electromagnetic scale in such a manner that you can repeatedly calculate associations between specific notes and specific colors. 

The evolution of both science and spirituality have deciphered parallel human responses to sound and color, as evidence of learned monk practices from around the world to the growing number of psychological studies, allowing us to categorize the emotional spectrum in such a manner as to grant us control over portions of what we used to our more troublesome subconscious behaviors.

Your mental, physical, and emotional health is tied to your endocrine system. 

Glands within this system release hormones that contribute to growth, development, and feelings of well being.

Being mindful of your emotions can guide you to make better choices.

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