2.6 Trillion spent in healthcare cost

Business Achilles Heel - Why Wellness Matters in Business

Employee health status is critical to organizational performance.

Exploding employee healthcare costs are unsustainable and place businesses at a competitive disadvantage. About $2.6 trillion is spent annually on healthcare in the United States. Businesses absorb much of this cost. In recent years, many businesses have seen annual healthcare costs escalate by over 10% annually. Obesity is a major driver of increased health spending. The annual cost of employee obesity alone for an average company with 1,000 employees is estimated to be $277,000. In addition, studies show that obesity causes workers to be 10% less productive, on average. Productivity losses related to health problems cost U.S. employers, on average, $1,685 per employee per year.

Mobilize Your Workforce - The CarnaVita&® Promise

CarnaVita®'s approach to shaping overall employee wellness:

  • Improves employee health;
  • Decreases healthcare claims;
  • Improves employee morale and efficiency; and
  • Decreases absenteeism;
  • Increases business productivity;
  • Saves money;
  • Gives businesses a competitive edge.

CarnaVita®'s results exceed those of other workplace wellness programs because we do not just generally incentivize the workforce but rather specifically instruct employees on how to achieve a higher state of overall, permanent wellness. A survey of 56 separate studies of worksite wellness programs showed a:

  • 27% REDUCTION in sick leave and absenteeis,
  • 26% REDUCTION in health care costs and,
  • 32% REDUCTION in worker's compensation and disability management cost claims.

Businesses enjoy a ROI of 581% on their investments in wellness program like CarnaVita, not including increased revenue through productivity gains.

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Decisions for employee productivity

How CarnaVita™ Compares

With participation rates 3X the industry average, CarnaVita™ excels at getting employees engaged. How do we do it? We take into account the key factors that drive behavior: what motivates members to take action and the triggers to initiate that action. Our programs motivate and sustain ALL AREAS of healthy behavior and include tailored and comprehensive Exercise, Nutrition and Lifestyle plans characterized by:

  • Simple, clearly articulated daily goals that promote a healthy amount of daily activity, and are easily achievable with users slotted into a tiered program based on their personal characteristics;
  • A sophisticated biometric matrix that lets us assign members a personal trainer, nutritionist and lifestyle coach taking into account data including age, sex, demographic, fitness level and lifestyle choices;
  • A points reward system that provides a comparable measure of achievement and encourages healthy competition among employees while allowing employers to implement a rewards based system;
  • Communication tools that encourage peer engagement and encouragement;
  • Simplicity of design that makes it easy for employees to understand and adopt CarnaVita™;
  • A flexible program structure that meets the needs of your health and wellness strategy and allows for white-label branding to your organization's brand; and
  • Graduation levels within each plan that reward employees and provide proof of participation and plan completion.


CarnaVita™ provides monthly reports to employers showing key metrics documenting the progress of employees as a group and individually. We also provide real-time reporting to the individual employee enabling them to monitor their own success. In addition, the system can be used to provide individualized performance data to a centralized recipient, which can for example be coupled to a program with an insurance carrier designed to decrease individual health insurance premiums.

A unique aspect of CarnaVita™ is that it directly measures program impact through quantifiable improvements in employee health. CarnaVita™ tracks validating activity, participation and biometric data. This lets you directly observe program performance and impact.

  • Members track daily activity with the BodyDash™ activity tracker
  • Members use the BodyDash™ display to track key performance data
  • Members receive data showing a comprehensive view of all employee participation
  • Insurance companies can be integrated in order to reduce individual and collective premiums

Decisions Decisions

CarnaVita™ has been called "The most comprehensive, sustainable and intelligent wellness platform currently on the market".

Our customers have commented "CarnaVita™ delivers businesses a competitive advantage.. the benefits are numerous and far reaching".

"The dollar savings have been considerable but were expected, but the improved vitality and productivity of my team has been a great surprise."

Selecting CarnaVita™ is perhaps the most important strategic human resources decision your company will make regarding overall workforce health and productivity. We are honored and enthusiastic that you are considering using us to lower healthcare costs and improve productivity.

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